Air Filtration

Pleated Air Filters

Picture of an example Pleated Air FilterSynthetic media offered in a variety of MERV Ratings and efficiencies. Variety of sizes for any commercial or industrial application.

H.E.P.A. Filters

HolderAvailable in a wide range of sizes, efficiencies, and materials of construction for any clean room application.

Final Filters

HolderVariety of box and pocket style filters for any HVAC final filter application.

Dust Collector Bags

HolderAvailable in a wide array of fabrics for every temperature and chemical compatibility. Constructed in top or bottom load configurations as well as custom applications.

Pleated Air Cartridges

HolderWide range of pleated air cartridges for dust collection, compressor intakes, or any other industrial application. Materials from molded urethane to stainless steel.

Paint Booth Filtration

HolderProducts include specialty cube filters, poly media in bulk rolls or pre-cut pads, and overspray paper.

Gas Turbine Intake Filters

HolderFrom box style to cylindrical or conical cartridges we offer a variety of gas turbine intake filters.

Liquid Filtration

Liquid Filter Bags

HolderAny type of fabric, configuration and micron ratings for any temperature, chemical compatibility and process.

Liquid Filter Cartridges

HolderAbsolute and nominally rated string wound, melt blow, resin bonded and pleated cartridges for lube oil, water, process fluids.


HolderCustom designed and off the shelf systems for high and low pressure needs, code as well as non-code, carbon steel and stainless steel. Bag, cartridge, and strainer vessels.

Oil & Hydraulic Filters

HolderWide range of glass and paper elements for standard and high pressure oil and hydraulic applications.

Gas Phase Filtration

Gas Filtration Engineering

HolderResources to spec and build custom gas phase filtration systems for the removal of acid gases and hydrocarbons

Filter Media

HolderVariety of filter medias for the removal of H2S, SO2, hydrocarbons, benzene and other harmful gases.

Corrosion Coupons

HolderPlaced strategically to monitor and gauge the level of corrosion in key areas such as MCC's, control rooms, museums, etc...

Media Samplings

Crush tests performed on chemical media to determine effectiveness and length of life left.

Picture of Air-Nu's Warehouse

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