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Liquid & Process Filtration Products

Whether your goal is clean water, or the collection of a particular liquid material for further processing or disposal, we have the products and design experiences to solve your challenges.

Air-Nu can provide a liquid process filtration solution or maintain your existing system so your products remain free of unwanted contaminants.

Liquid Filter Bags

Liquid filters bags are used in chemical manufacturing, paints, pigments, lubricants, wastewater, coolant filtration, beverage processing, and more.

We supply a full line of high quality liquid strainer bags and custom designs to fit most major manufacturers’ housings.

Various material types are available, such as high quality nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and felt, with monofilament and multi-filament stitching construction.

Micron ratings range from 1 to 1500, depending on fabric and fabric construction.  Let us know what you need and we’ll recommend the best solution.

Liquid Filter Cartridges

We have a number of different liquid filter cartridges varying in media type, sizes, and filtration capabilities.  Water filtration is only one of a number of applications for liquid filter cartridges.

Filter Vessels

Air-Nu can provide filter vessels that adhere to the specifications of your design requirements.  If you need assistance with product selection, our knowledgeable sales team will engage the needed resources to assist you.

Oil & Hydraulic Filters

We have a wide range of glass and paper elements for standard and high pressure oil and hydraulic applications.  Proper filtration of engine fluids is required for long term preservation of your equipment.


Activated carbon is used in vapor and liquid filtration processes, and Air-Nu’s reclamation & reactivation services can keep your filtration process at peak performance while recycling the carbon.